Lecture Notes

3rd Semester Civil Engg.

Th.1- Structural Mechanics.
Th.2- Geotechnical Engineering.
Th.3- Building materials & Construction Technology.
Th.4- Estimation &Cost Evaluation- I.
Th.5- Environmental studies.

4th Semester Civil Engg.

Th.1- Structural Design – I.
Th.2- Hydraulic and Irrigation Engineering.
Th.3- Surveying – I.
Th.4- Highway Engineering.

5th Semester Civil Engg.

Th.1- Entrepreneurship and Management & Smart Technology.
Th.2- Structural Design-II.
Th.3- Railway & Bridge Engineering.
Th.4- Water Supply & Waste Water Engineering.
Th.5- Estimation & Cost Evaluation – II.

6th Semester Civil Engg.

Th.1- Land Survey-II.
Th.2- Construction Management.
Th.3- Advanced Construction Techniques & Equipment.