Proctorial System

PKAIET has a Proctorial system where administration of student related matters pertaining to all acts of indiscipline are delegated to the Proctorial Board. PKAIET Proctorial Board is chiefly responsible for ensuring that rules and regulation framed by Institute are being followed by the students.

Some specific responsibilities of the Proctorial Board are as follows:

  1. To maintain discipline in the Institute; ensure Institute rules are understood and followed;
  2. To keep an eye on the general moral behavior of the students
  3. To prevent the student from indulging in any political activities on Institute premises.

Cases of indiscipline or indecent behavior of any student, cases of individual/ group harassment, threats, manhandling etc. are dealt strictly by the Proctorial Board.

Chief Proctor is assisted by additional proctors and all HODs will be the default members of the Proctorial board and will have a deciding role if student involved are of their departments.

The PKAIET Rules and Regulations are generally followed. However, the Proctorial Board at its discretion can add additional norms or delete existing ones separately depending on the nature and need of the enquiry.


  1. The Proctor should be ensured that the concerned student is aware of his/ her Proctor’s name, designation and contact number. This is the first information to be shared by the proctor with the students individually.
  2. The Proctor will act as local guardian of the students coming under his/ her Proctorial Group.
  3. The Proctor should keep records of the students’ contact numbers, present address, permanent address, his/ her parents’ contact numbers and any other relevant information that he/ she feels desirable.
  4. The Proctor will have to collect feedback from the students belonging to his/ her group on teachers’ teaching process and accordingly report the chief proctor as well as consult the respective subject teacher on any such issues. This feedback mechanism should be in collaborative approach and the main objective is to improve the academic standard.
  5. The same process will also be applicable in practical subjects having sessional evaluation system. Practical classes should be oriented more towards students’ skill development.
  6. Particularly for Borders, the proctor should collect the contact numbers of his/her room mates, to be vigilant about the food quality, sanitation of the hostel toilets, discipline inside the hostel premises, problems related to accommodation of the concerned student and proper utilization of electrical appliance provided in his/ her room.
  7. For day-scholars the Proctor will have to identify the location of stay of the students, collect his/ her roommates names and contact numbers/ house owners’ name and contact numbers etc. the students who are staying with their parents or relatives, the same data are to be collected.
  8. The Proctor is exclusively responsible for students’ attendance. During a student’s absence the Proctor should have to collect the leave application from the students with proper information relating to his/ her absence, alternative contact numbers during his/ her absence, details about the destination address and the exact date of his/ her presence. On his/ her return the concerned student has to report in writing to the proctor.
  9. Proctor should have a regular contact with the accounts section and collect proper information related to the status of fees paid by the student and outstanding fee details and accordingly the Proctor will have to intimate the students as well as parents on the same. Regularity in fee collection is another responsibility of the Proctor.
  • The Proctor should have a regular contact with the PMS Department and should always be updated about the application process schedule (for both renewal and fresh application in every academic session), collection of relevant documents for online application of PMS, sanction status of PMS and in time deposit of the fees out of PMS in the accounts section.
  1. The Proctor should also remain vigilant about his/ her students’ activities inside and outside the campus, students’ attendance in the theory, practical, drawing and workshop classes with proper uniform and discipline maintenance. It will be the responsibility of the proctor to monitor the above activities of his/ her group of students.
  • The Proctor is also responsible for monitoring the regularity of students in complying institutional requirement such as timely semester registration, timely form fill up for end sem. exam, attendance in the Internal Assessment / Class Test, sessional exam, practical exam and semester exam etc.
  • The Proctor is required to conduct weekly meeting with his/ her students group and maintain the minutes of the meeting. And also meeting with parents of the students at least twice in a semester with proper proof like photograph, video clipping and minutes of the meeting with parents’ signature.
  • It is the responsibility of the Proctor for proper circulation of students notice that are issued by different departments, Institute authority, Govt. authority and any other sources for students information from time to time.
  • Every Proctor will have to create Whats’App Group of students. But every communication should be in physical mode with personal interaction during normal time.
  • The Chief Proctor is responsible for monitoring the Proctors’ activities and he should conduct review meeting with different group of Proctors on regular basis to collect information of the Proctors’ activities during the concerned period.
  • The Chief Proctor will intimate the Management about each and every Proctor’s performance in the prescribed format twice a month.
  • In no way any proctor or any staff will facilitate any student to deposit his/ her institutional dues of any kind to the bank account of the proctor or any staff member. In case of such irregularity the concerned proctor will be held responsible.

The Proctorial Board of PKAIET comprises of following members.