PKA Group of Institutions is resolved to become one of the top engineering educational institutions in the eastern region of the country. To bring this vision to reality, our institution is committed to these five charges:
 1- Attaining national and international recognition among peer institutions for excellence in both research and
2- Assembling a dynamic body of faculty who exemplify excellence and innovation in the pursuit and delivery
      of knowledge and will perpetuate the highest standards of engineering education for future generations.
3- Graduating students who are well educated in technical knowledge, with solid communication and teamwork skills, who can compete successfully in the global business world and contribute significantly to the national base of engineering education and technology.
 4- Investing strategically in the college’s most important resources – students, faculty, and programs.
 5- Partnering with academic, industrial and government entities that share and enhance the mission of the Group, so that our educational and collaborative efforts result in the maximum, positive, economic impact locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.